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  • Lost and found
    We are not responsible for any lost belongings​

  • Additional time request
    During your session, you are welcome to start with an hour and add an additional half and hour
    more  if there is no other reservation after you.

  • Reservation per activity
    For each category, you pay for 1 person, which is a deposit to reserve the date and time and pay
    for the rest at the end of the session. (For axe throwing, 1 lane must be reserved for every four 
    people , then make reservations to reserve more lanes.

  • Can I bring in my own canvas or item to paint?
    Yes, you can bring in your art canvas, clothing, or any other item that you wish to paint.
  • Any age restrictions for Axe Throwing or Virtual Reality?
    • ​Axe Throwing: 12+, must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian
    • VR: 10+, must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian
    • Splatter Room: 5+, must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian​
  •  When is the latest I can make changes to my booking?
    Any changes must be made 48 hours prior to your booking time​
  • What time should I arrive?
    • We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes prior to your reservation start time to fill out waivers and to ensure you have the full time available
    • All bookings will strictly start/end at the time on the reservation
    • Failure to arrive within 10 minutes of start time may result in cancellation of your reservation
    • Deposits and any payments made toward the reservation are strictly non-refundable
    • Axe Throwing and Splatter Room deposits count towards one person
    • Any additional people will be charged when attending
  • What is the deposit for?
    Deposits are to hold your booking and will be applied to the total balance when checking out​
  • Do we need to bring Physical photo ID?
    Yes​, verification is required before entering the throwing zone
  • Any restrictions for pregnancy?  
    No, but we recommend consulting your doctor
  • Is the axe too heavy for me to throw?
    The axe ranges from 1-5 lbs and is not usually heavy for most beginners
  • Dress code?
    • VR
      • No restrictions​
    • Splatter Room
      • Although we will provide a full body suit/poncho, we recommend wearing clothes you are comfortable getting messy and painting with.​
    • Axe Throwing
      • Closed toed shoes
      • No high heels
      • No stilettos
      • No sandals 
      • No hoodies
  • Do we have food/beverages?
    We carry coke products and various snacks/chips
  • Do we host large group events? 
    Yes, please contact us for more details and discounted rates
  • Is there on-site parking available? 
  • Do we accept walk-ins?​
    Yes, but we strongly suggest making a reservation to guarantee availability
  • For Private events:
    The first payment needs to be made to make a reservation.
    The seco
    nd payment will be made at the end of the session
  • Where are we located?
    • 4938 River road - Schiller Park, IL 60176

    • Less than a mile South of the Donald E Stephens (Rosemont) convention center 

    • 2 miles from O'hare International Airport​

  • What’s the best way to reach us? 
  • What kind of payments do we accept? 
  • How to throw an axe?
    We will give you a demonstration at the time of your arrival
  • Is axe throwing safe?
    Yes, if thrown correctly
  • How much is the cost for axe throwing?
    Cost depends on the duration of the session
  • How to build an axe throwing target?
    Your form and distance should be right
  • Is axe throwing fun?
    Yes, because you can play games and compete
  • Can we throw an axe one handed?
  • I don't want to throw. Can I still come watch?
    Absolutely! Guest are welcome to accompany participants and enjoy the excitement
    from a safe view area. Please  note that there may be limited number of guest spots available during the busy times

FAQs for Axeclusive

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