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Splatter room

splatter painting
splatter paint room
splatter painting room near me


You are welcome to splatter paint around the room and write anything you would like. Freedom of speech/Freedom of Expression: Unlike traditional art forms that demand careful planning and precision, splatter paint room encourage spontaneity and uninhibited creativity. You’re not confined to rules or techniques; instead, you’re free to fling, flick, and splash paint in every direction.  You can take pictures and videos. Show everyone your drawings.

Bring your date, friend, or family out to our splatter Paint  room, a place where we don't care how messy you or the room gets! Enjoy splattering paint on each other and all over the canvas which you'll take home with you. The room is yours, so get creative and enjoy! Parties and Date Nights
Perfect for kids birthday party for up to 8 kids to have room where they can get messy and not worry about getting in trouble! Ages 5 and up Bring a friend and
“Embrace the Spatter!”

 Impress your date with an upgrade to black canvases which go perfect with our neon paint! 

$39.99 per person

Each person will receive:
Full body paint suit for adults
Poncho for kids
Your pick of 6 different paint colors
Tools and toys to get creative 
White Canvas

Black Canvas ​$ 10
Neon Paint ​$ 10

Fun family things to do In our Splatter Paint Room


Are you willing to get messy creating a masterpiece?

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